Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lady From My Car Insurance

So, yesterday I called into my insurance for my car to report a claim, and the lady wasn't nice at all. She talked to me like I was so dumb and everything. So I told her what happened to my car and she asked a million questions, like all people on the phone do, which was fine. Then she asked for my parents info. because they were also on the insurance plan (I was under them). So I told her that she could call them but they wouldn't know what she's saying because they are illiterate. She goes, well how about work, so I gave them my morning job and said my afternoon job wont let me receive personal calls (because you have to clock out for that, which I don't want to do) so she's all like, "You're making this hard for me" and I was like WHAT? How can this be hard? DUHHH just call me, why do you need to call everyone else.. It gets worse, don't worry, I know you're wondering how this relates to being Hmong/Asian, lol just hold on, I have to finish. So she's like ok well I'll leave a message on your parents phone, and I said they are illiterate, they only understand very little English. So she then asks, what language do they speak, and I said Hmong, so she's like what is that? Japanese, Chinese? I said no, and she was all like, is it Mandarin, Korean? I kept saying No and I said it's Hmong. (like seriously, I know what language we speak, why did she keep asking me this, I was so offended and annoyed) So she told me to spell it and I did, she then told me that someone will call my parents and find a translator (which I know wont happen because they don't have a Hmong translator because I had to call in for my mom's car because my sister hit a deer and they didn't even have anyone to translate for her, I had to do everything for my mom) but I was like ok.

So that's my story, not everyday am I faced with things like this, things that relate to my race and who I am. But I'm not surprised that she doesn't know about Hmong people or the language. I was upset because she kept questioning me, like I DIDN'T KNOW MY OWN LANGUAGE. OMG, made me so mad, I wanted to pop out on the other end and smack some sense into her.

The last person that helped report the claim was a man, and he was really nice. I just hope that the person that deals with the whole thing is nice, like the last lady, she was really interested in our language and culture, which is always nice.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Being Hmong is a difficult life to live, with no country everyone is unsure of where all Hmong people come from. Where were you born, where are you from? I am from the United States, born and raised here. I sometimes get confused of where my parents were born, either Laos or Thailand. Their real birthdays may not even be the same one on record, most likely it's not. Not really having a place to call home, is very depressing. My parents always have a problem dealing with that. Now they own land, so it's a little better, that's our home, that's our home.

This is just a taste of some things I will be talking about.:D