Tuesday, January 11, 2011

General Vang Pao

On January 6th my family was celebrating my little brother's 18th birthday. It was a day that my little brother became an adult (in his eyes). We had cooked great food and a beautiful and delicious white cake with chocolate frosting.

As the day passed, there were rumors going around about General Vang Pao. We heard he was in the hospital, then we heard he died, then we heard that people just think he died because he was in the hospital but he's still alive. It wasn't until the day after that my family and my father was informed that he really did die that night.

The whole entire Hmong community all over the nation mourned in sadness, as our leader rest his eyes forever. It was hard for me to see my father cry, it is times like that when I wish I could do something great for him to only feel happiness and be proud. My father rarely cries and it just makes me so sad when he does because it just means how much he's hurting inside that he had to let it out.

Do you know what this means? The fact that General Vang Pao is dead, the one guy that the Hmong people look up to is gone?

This means that all hope is gone. The hope that the rest of our people running from soldiers still have a chance to come to America. The people who are running for their lives day and night. The people who live to hear General Vang Pao say that they can live somewhere where they can actually settle down. Their hopes are lost, gone. My father's hopes are gone, he cried for our people, for the Hmong.

I want to say that there is someone out there that will be able to bring the rest of our people to safety, but like my father, my hopes are lost as well. I don't know if there is anyone, I don't know if we (the younger generation) are capable of doing such a great deed and having all that on our delicate shoulders.

It's even more sad the fact that it took General Vang Pao's death for a lot people to know how great of a person he really was. All the rumors of him about assassinating Laos was wrong, him being accused of such a thing is ridiculous to me. I never knew he was in so many wars fighting against the bad people, I never knew he had so much courage in helping our people, all of the rumors got to me and I never knew it until after he had already passed. I feel ashamed, as many others will feel.

I hope that there is still hope for our people, for those who are crying in pain because no one will save them now. I mourn for them, and hope and pray that God will save us, that God will bring us an angel to bring our people to safety.