Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plus Size Hmong Girls

One thing that I have noticed is plus size Hmong girls. The thing about plus size Hmong girls is you see them, but not a lot of them engage themselves in being a confident or beautiful plus size. I'm not saying all Hmong plus size women aren't happy for who they are but there is lacking something there. No matter where I go online or in real life I find that I can't find many plus size Hmong girls whom are proud of themselves.

I wish there were a community for us to help one another, I could use some support!! :D

I was thinking, maybe because it's the beginning for plus size in general and they're out there, I just haven't seen them yet. Or because they are shy of stating that they are plus size, like I was at first. Or maybe they do like themselves and flaunt their beauty but elsewhere, not like me who does it on youtube and blogger.

I would love to see more Asians in general being models for plus sizes, all I see are white and blacks which is totally fine but I think it's also nice to see Asians in there, make it a mixture of colors that way it can relate to other gals. Setting a common ground for your viewers always helps you pull them in. Once you get their attention it's easy because you have what it takes already.

I really just wish I could find more Hmong girls who are plus size that love themselves for what they are and who they are! I would like to meet you if you are one, weather it's in real life, youtube, blogging, anywhere!

Calling out to plus size women and Hmong plus size women, come say hello!!!!