Friday, April 15, 2011

Our History

Being here not a lot of people know about my race. So of course I have to explain.

Explaining who we are and where we are from is so difficult because the story is so complex, you would never be able to tell it all in one sitting.

But even with that being said, those wonderful people are interested and want to know, they want to learn and know about who I am and my people's history.

I love that about some people, when they want to know you and understand you. When they are open to things that have happened and to how you are.

While telling stories of my parent's and grandparent's, I have realized that I need to do more research or ask my parents more about this. I want to know more than I do now, I know the main points, but I want to know all the details.

I want to know OUR history.

It's different from learning in class when the teacher just says, "there were Hmong people in the Vietnam war, they helped the Americans fight the Vietnamese." When my parents tell me stories, they are so intense and so heartbreaking, it's a whole story by itself. Each time they reached a certain point is a story to tell. I just wished I had time to write it all down for a real book to be published.

That will be one of my life goals to accomplish.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being In a Whole New World Alone (WARNING: this is a rant so don't read if you're gonna think I'm being immature, because I am)

Being in a whole new world alone sucks, or sucks in general! Straight out going to say that it sucks! I'll give you a list! Not that it's not a good experience and that I haven't made good life-long friends or that this will be one of the greatest experiences. I know now what they mean when you come back you are a whole new person, a better and wiser person, you appreciate everything and everyone you have! When you leave you leave everything you know and are used to. You leave your life and try to start somewhere where you don't know anything and you are the dumb and ignorant person.

why being in another country alone sucks

1. no family or friends

2. can't go shopping enjoyably

3. can't stay up late with someone to just hang out

4. have someone to talk to

5. share your wonderful day with

6. brag about all the neat things you saw or bought to someone

7. have someone to cry to

8. you can't go out to eat with someone other than yourself

9. there's no one to take your picture

10. no one understands you

11. no one relates to your norms

12. don't have enough people you know of to hang out with a different person each day of the week

13. you don't have someone to watch scary movies with

14. no one to eat with

15. no one to cook with

16. no one to do laundry with

17. no one to sing with

18. no one that knows you

19. no one that cares as much as your friends and family

20. people are for themselves

21. if you don't know something you are straight up DUMB

22. you want to go somewhere but you can't get there

23. have someone to be your puppet and put makeup on them

24. vocabulary is different

25. you have to find shops that carry things you like and can afford

26. people judge you based on your country

27. you miss everything and everyone back at home

28. you can't speak Hmong to anyone because no one understands

29. what you wear is not normal

30. what you crave is really difficult to find/make because of the differences

AND the list goes on.......

My point is, don't go alone if you can't handle it (like me)! When I get back home, I am so going to hang out with everyone on my friend list!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! and I'm going to appreciate everything so much more!!! I miss my home so much!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making Spring Rolls In NZ

Yesterday I made spring rolls and they were delicious, not as good as the ones I make at home but still good! The reason being for that is because at home I know what is good and what's not and where I can get everything I need, where as here I have to find everything that is somewhat similar and work with it.

In my usual recipe for a spring roll I add ham and here I couldn't find any chunks of ham so I just used chicken that I cooked with some oyster sauce, still good! And then I totally forgot to make some eggs and put it in there, but like I said, still good! lol

I'll post some pictures. Some of them turned out really good and then others I had a little trouble with because the wraps that I bought, if you soak them too long they rip like crazy, which I find is unusual because the ones I usually buy at home are not like that. All my flat mates were wondering what I was making and I wanted to share, but then I was thinking that it is expensive and so I decided not to.

I don't like not sharing, I feel so weird, but then they don't share so I don't either because I feel like, if I share then they might always want me to share or take advantage of it. They are really nice women, so I shouldn't even think that.

Anyways, I had made some peanut butter pepper sauce and it is so spicy and good!! OMG, the bf wished he was here to eat it with me, lol. He told me he was eating rice and noodles... The peanut sauce is his favorite, so he wished I had made it for him instead, lol and so did I!

All the ingredients

The chicken with oyster sauce and a little salt

The rice paper soaking in water

The peanut butter pepper sauce

The final outcome after the spring rolls have been rolled