Tuesday, July 3, 2012

History Repeating Itself

I was talking to my dad while cleaning vegetables in our front yard when I asked him if he missed his country.  When I asked that, I realized what I asked and corrected myself, "Dad, do you miss the country you were born in?" (which happens to be Laos).  He answered with a big, "yes, I do!"

I started asking him other questions about war, why our people live in the mountains, and his view on things.

He went on and spoke about the Vietnam war and how the CIA asked for help and hired Hmong to help fight in the war.  I wanted to ask him if he thought that history was repeating itself.  I asked him, "Dad, do you think that history is repeating itself because the President asked the people in Iraq to help fight the war and now their people are dieing and Americans are pulling out without being able to help those people that once helped them.  Those people are dieing and going to be killed for a very long time just like our people."  He said yes, he thinks so too.

How can we let history repeat itself?  How did we not see this?  Others are suffering for our selfish reasons.  A whole race of humans may be destroyed and we can't do much about it.  We got them into this mess, we need to get them out of it.  That's how I feel about my people and about the Iraqies/Afghanistan people. 

My dad was talking about how the Laotions hate us, then how the Thai hate us, and how Americans hate us.  I wonder who actually loves us as a race and a people.  I know the Chinese also hate us, we were kicked out of our land and homes and made into slaves by the Chinese.  When will our people see the light in peace? 

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