Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Communication Barrier

Lately it has been more difficult to understand my parents and vice versa.  The world in America is much different than the one they are used to.  I was born here so I can't really compare. 

The opportunities here are things that my parents can't even imagine are possible, they lack knowledge of resources and the possibilities.  If they aren't exposed to them, how would they know?

Living in the states for over 30 years, my parents still have a difficult time understanding English.  I kick myself when I get frustrated with them.  It doesn't make any sense to act that way towards them, yet I do it and am guilty every time. 

Even with me knowing how to speak my native tongue, I am still unable to communicate with my parents in the level that I want.  I am someone who has always expressed myself to them but it's a lack of understanding.  If I had the patience it wouldn't be this way. 

I blame this life style, I really do.  Call it ignorance, call me ignorant.

The things I learn in school I don't take home to teach my parents, why??  It's because here in the states the parents teach you!!  But my parents don't know what your parent's know.  Besides that lame answer, it's because I'm not putting the effort into it.  I lack patience and motivation to let my parents know and understand the possibilities in this country, unlike anything they could have imagined back in their home country.

It was a month ago that my mother learned that caterpillars turned into butterflies.  I was shocked!  How could this be?  Everyone knew that!! NO, NOT MY MOM! And there's nothing wrong with that.  She didn't go to school to learn this or see documentaries on butterflies or even see pictures and stickers of caterpillars and butterflies.

The other day I was telling her to not burn plastic because it ruins the ozone layer.  She never knew that before.  And there was nothing wrong with that either.  I was patient enough to explain it to her and why the weather has been so strange lately.  She was very interested!! She stated that she never knew that and now that she does, she won't be burning anymore plastic!!

The opportunities that I have been exposed to are endless.  I want to leave and I want to travel.  When I try to explain this, it's not understood.  This is where my challenge comes in.  I am unable to expose them of these opportunities so I am therefore prohibited to them. 

How can I communicate to them in a way that won't make them upset and understand what I'm trying to do for my success?

It's easier said than done.

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